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Why Your Business Should Go Solar

Categories: Renewable Energy

As a business owner, every decision you make draws on what is best for your business. You may have considered going solar in the past, but were not sold on whether or not it was feasible. Financially, going solar may seem like a large investment – possibly even frightening. How do I know if my solar system will power my business to the highest standard? Will my investment in a solar system be worth my proclaimed solar savings? These fears are valid, and Code Green Solar is here to ease your worries. Solar energy is no longer solely for large corporations who have the available funding; businesses of all shapes and sizes are now able to go solar with affordable financing and leasing options. Converting a business to solar is becoming one of the most strategic investments for businesses internationally, and will guarantee a substantial financial return.

Making the choice to go solar not only contributes to saving the environment, but to your business’ finances as well. A commercial solar installation offers a foreseeable cash flow, solid internal rates of return (IRR), and an exceptional return of investments (ROI). Not only does switching to solar heavily decrease your company’s electricity rates, but it has the ability to produce incremental revenue, which is an added profit to your business at no extra cost. Additionally, solar offers the benefit of government incentives. An owner of a recently installed solar system will get a federal tax credit for 30% of the cost of their system. A solar system offers accelerated depreciation; this means that a business can deduct 85% of the value of their solar system from their taxes, which will provide an offset to the upfront cost of the system. The cost of installing a solar system has decreased dramatically, making it more affordable to invest in a system for your business present day. This allows a business to avoid the increasing volatility of electricity prices and to instead, pay their electricity bills on a fixed rate.

Along with advancing your business financially, solar will establish a positive and approachable brand persona. Forward thinking businesses that are involved in sustainability efforts appeal to existing and future customers. The addition of solar panels to your business reflects the company’s moralistic values and shows your dedication to donating to an environmentally sound energy initiative. Having a solar system is a great opportunity to raise local awareness while promoting your business incentives. Future employees are also attracted to companies that are committed to a greener environment. With the marketing and financial benefits of choosing to go solar, making the decision to switch is simple. Your business will be gaining a significant profit, increasing consumer likability, and allowing for self-fulfillment in seeing your business thrive while contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Code Green Solar has installed numerous commercial solar systems; each business more than satisfied with the elevated prosperity and savings that going solar has created for their company.