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Code Green Solar Announces New Vice President of Commercial Development

Categories: Solar Power

Cherry Hill, NJ – Code Green Solar, LLC., a leading renewable energy and solar installation company, has announced a new Vice President of Commercial Operations to join the company’s executive team.

This new position is being filled by Thomas Cleary. Cleary is bringing his expertise in management, sales, and operations that has been developed over 20+ years. Before working for Code Green Solar, Cleary worked in sales, publishing, and financial services. Cleary worked with the Code Green Solar team to help build their commercial installation outlet. Cleary then began working as a sales executive selling instructional technology programs for companies such as Pearson and eInstruction. Before taking the position at Code Green Solar, Cleary worked at a cloud services firm known as Day1 Solutions. Here, he worked on state, government, and commercial projects to bring infrastructure to the cloud. These projects included working with corporations such as Coca Cola.

“As the market is maturing, there are many factors that indicate a definite need to diversify into the commercial space in order to expand our growth as a solar company,” said Thomas Cleary, VP of Commercial Development. “I have a strong history with Code Green Solar and believe in the company’s values. I also have a strong connection to what renewable energy does for our environment. When it comes to sales, it is always easier to sell something that you have strong belief system behind.”

About Code Green Solar, LLC.

Code Green Solar is New Jersey’s leading renewable energy and solar installation company. Code Green Solar provides solar in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, California, and Puerto Rico. The company has experienced tremendous growth and prosperity since its inception in 1994. Code Green Solar uses Tier-1 solar panels and microinverters to maximize a homeowner’s solar experience. For more information, visit the About Code Green Solar page and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Press Contact:
Emily Antrilli
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