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Commercial Installations: Villari’s Lakeside Restaurant

Categories: Solar Panels

As a business owner, switching to solar energy is an investment, and like any investment, you’ll want to ensure profitability. Code Green Solar has completed countless commercial installations that has left their customers satisfied, with more money in their pockets. In 2012, Code Green Solar installed solar panels on Villari’s Lakeside Restaurant in Sicklerville, New Jersey. The restaurant opened up in 1985 and offers both a la carte and al fresco dining. They also have banquet rooms available for parties and weddings. The land is approximately 12,000 square feet and their solar system is a 298Kw with a custom tilt; this tilting feature allows for the panels to be turned to face the direction of the sun based on seasonal shifts. Villari’s is owned by brothers Nick and Joseph Abate who pride themselves on the growing success of their business. Code Green Solar did a 5 year follow up with Nick to see what benefits he has gained from switching to solar. Not only did Nick express that he was “100% satisfied” with the solar system, but that he was extremely impressed with the savings he has seen on their energy bills.

Nick stated, “Since installing solar in 2011, we’ve received incredible benefits of having the solar system on our property. Our utility bills are way down, more than 85% has been removed.”

Nick reported that prior to switching to solar, Villari’s was spending approximately $73,000.00 a year on electricity costs. The restaurant has now seen an 85% decrease, dropping their energy bills to a whopping $10,950.00. The savings gained from switching to solar far surpassed the original cost of the system. Nick also mentioned that his customers appreciate his switch to solar energy as it is the perfect way to reduce a business’ carbon footprint. Nick enjoys running his business on 100% percent solar power so that he can simultaneously increase his restaurant’s success and aid in conserving the environment.

“The benefits are very clear, that when you’re getting an electric bill that only shows a margin of what you used to pay, it’s a very good feeling and you’re doing right for the environment,” said Nick.

Since switching to solar, Villari’s has expanded their consumer outlet and increased their profitability. As a popular venue in South Jersey, Villari’s is inspiring surrounding businesses to consider going solar. When asking Nick what advice he has for other businesses in regards to making the switch, he replied:

“The advice I could give to another business would be… “without the electrical use, you’re not going to have your business running one way or another, it’s just that simple. We need electricity.  It’s just the form of electricity that we bring into our business… I’ve always recommended for businesses to absolutely go down the road of solar energy, it’s a 100% win.”